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UK Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) – Making sense of evidence

This is an excellent starting place for clinicians who seek to read the literature critically. CASP was initiated in 1993 in response to the need for developing skills in health care staff to meet the challenge of Evidence Based Medicine.  The … Continue reading

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Acute infections that present with a normal or low white cell count (doxycycline deficiency!)

Originally posted on AIMED – Let's talk about antibiotics:
There is a long list that will vary according to your locale.  Across Northern NSW, the important ones to consider include: Viral illnesses including influenza, adenovirus, viral hepatitis, parvovirus, EBV…

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How long should we treat Intra-abdominal Infections for? RCT evidence

Originally posted on AIMED – Let's talk about antibiotics:
A recent randomised trial has shown that patients who receive fixed duration antibiotic therapy (approximately 4 days) had similar outcomes to patients who received longer courses (approximately 8 days). 518 patients…

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Australia releases first National Strategy to address Antimicrobial Resistance

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This week Health Minister, Susan Ley and Agriculture Minister, Barnaby Joyce released a statement regarding the publication of Australia’s first national strategy to address antimicrobial resistance. The strategy covers the…

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