Role of pathologists (microbiology) in antimicrobial resistance control – presentation from PNG symposium

PNG symposium , pathologist meeting presentation –  Role of pathologists in AMR control Ferguson PNG Sept 2015.

Microbiology underpins every process to do with AMR control (see graphic from below).  Pathology registrars and pathologists need to develop expertise across these fields in preparation to become local and national leaders across AMR control strategies including antimicrobial stewardship and infection control. In particular, 

  • Know the drugs -antimicrobials  – see Antimicrobial proforma
  • Know the bugs –  Key bacterial species to know well – also see Organism knowledge proforma
  • Be experts in antimicrobial susceptibility testing and its interpretation (more postings planned soon) and preparation of cumulative antibiograms. Ensure that your tests are conducted correctly and quality controlled as required!
  • Be experts in Infection prevention and control – not only Standard Infection Control Precautions (includes hand hygiene)  but also Tuberculosis Infection Control, surveillance and epidemiology
  • Be experts in immunisation
  • Be experts in diagnostic methods

Reference : AMS in Australian Hospitals, Chapter 7 – Role of the Clinical Microbiology Service– second edition in preparation 2015.

Microbiology underpins all these elements of AMR control:Capture

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