Zika, Chikungunya viruses et al – essential knowledge

This recent NEJM editorial (free access) provides a good overview of the global situation concerning four important arboviruses: West Nile, Chikungunya, Zika and Dengue. Essential reading.


This presentation, CHIKV ZIKA Ferguson Feb 2015 includes microbiological and clinical overviews and data on recent Pacific epidemiology. It’s a good starting point for your reading.

Yet another reason for all developing world postgraduates to become (free) Global outreach members of the American Society of Microbiology is that you have access to fantastic journals including the excellent monthly ASM News which in December considered recent research findings about Chikungunya,  Zika  and Enterovirus E68 for instance. In particular there are now data that suggest that perinatal transmission of Chikungunya occurs from viraemic mothers and results in severe neurological manifestations in 50% and mortality in 17%.  CHIKV apparently does not infect the placenta but is transmitted during birth, infecting the neonatal brain via the choroid plexus and then targeting leptomeningeal cells.

The December ASM News includes much else of interest from the virological point of view. Also an extensive review by Alex van Belkum of antimicrobial susceptibility testing and new technologies coming on stream. 

References (yes, please go there-  these are important topics !):

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