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Pathology training resources on USB coming to your location

This page lists all of the resources that are on USB sticks being sent from Pathology North to key people in PNG, Nepal and Fiji. Additional copies can be provided to postgraduate trainees elsewhere -please contact the site administrator by … Continue reading

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Fatal case of meningococcal infection – a salutary tale

Originally posted on AIMED – Let's talk about antibiotics:
This unfortunate 27 year old pregnant woman collapsed at home with a seizure and then died soon after.  She had a disseminated W135 serotype infection – this serotype has been associated…

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Kawasaki disease in a 13 month old diagnosed at post mortem

Guest posting: Dr Leah Clifton, NEWCASTLE DEPARTMENT OF FORENSIC MEDICINE,  Forensic Pathology Registrar Kawasaki disease is characterized with acute systemic vasculitis, occurs predominantly in children between 6 months to 5 years of age. Patients with this disease recover well and the disease … Continue reading

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