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Metapneumovirus (hMPV) – bug of the week

Human-metapneumovirus-sept-2016-path-north summary sheet. See also this local case reports of severe pneumonia due to hMPV.  Includes discussion of Hunter New England region, NSW,  Australia epidemiology and current knowledge / research in to hMPV. Note the change to taxonomy that has occurred in … Continue reading

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Blood culture liaison process – advice by organism type- Gram positives

SECOND CLINICIAN CALL: Confirmed culture identification with susceptibility available Prior to calling, check the isolate antibiogram to see that species and susceptibility are consistent – see EUCAST Expert rules which provide intrinsic resistance characters by species, including unusual phenotypes. If … Continue reading

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Example template for documenting significant bloodstream infections

Suggested format for documenting significant BSI for later analyses.  Sub documents with key definitions will be provided soon. Print this sheet onto a single A4 page and maintain a records folder. Include documentation of the clinical liaison process as below. … Continue reading

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Adenovirus – bug of the week

Adenovirus overview -2016-path-north; Prepared for our weekly pathology teaching round by one of our registrars. Reference CDC Adenovirus site Image credit:  

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Severe primary dengue- recent case and discussion

Guest posting from our Infectious Diseases advanced trainee, Dr Milton Micallef. ID meeting-presentation-dengue-dhf-and-dss Sept 2016 N.B. For an update on dengue viral vaccines (very promising work and at least one tetravalent vaccine in use), see WHO Dengue Vaccine Research page. Excellent … Continue reading

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Positive blood culture clinician liaison process (microbiology) part 1

Documentation! Always note down all clinician discussions in a large personal diary or preferably on the electronic pathology record for the patient’s sample if this exists. Categorise and record the clinical relevance of the positive culture – a standard template to be … Continue reading

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