Viber group

Pacific Microbiology, Infectious Diseases & Infection Prevention and Control Viber Group

This private Viber chat group discusses information and questions about interesting cases and related issues. To join in, contact either Nikki Townell or John Ferguson by email. You will need to download the Viber app onto your phone and register your mobile number on it.


  • Dr Smathi Chong

East Timor

  • Dr Ian Marr, Microbiology Registrar, Pathology NSW

West Timor

  • Dr Smathi Chong


  • Dr Kamal Kishore, Medical Microbiologist and program coordinator for the post-graduate pathology program

Papua New Guinea

  • Dr Evelyn Lavu, Pathologist, Director, Central Public Health Laboratory, Port Moresby
  • Dr Jacklyn Joseph, Pathologist, Port Moresby General Hospital
  • Dr Viola Asigau, Pathologist, School of Medicine
  • Dr Gabriella Ak, Pathology registrar, PMGH
  • Dr Julieth McLimby, Pathology registrar, PMGH
  • Dr Joe Norrie, Pathology registrar, PMGH
  • Dr Stephanie Kialo, Service registrar, Pathology, PMGH
  • Dr Keruma (Molly) Lamese,¬†Service registrar, Pathology, PMGH

See here for a photo gallery of some of the registrars!

Solomon Islands

  • Mr Anthony Tabotabo, Microbiology Lab
  • Mr Jorszef Ghidu , Microbiology lab


  • Ms Lupe Isaia, Principal Microbiology Scientist


  • Dr Crystal Garae, Consultant Pathologist, Vanuatu

Brisbane, QLD

  • Dr Nikki Townell, Medical Microbiologist & Infectious Diseases physician (Viber group co- administrator)
  • Ms Wendy Jackson, Senior Microbiology scientist

Newcastle, NSW

  • Dr John Ferguson, Medical Microbiologist & Infectious Diseases physician, John Hunter Hospital (Viber group co- administrator)
  • Dr Chris Ashhurst-Smith, Senior Microbiology scientist
  • Dr Fiona Oehme, Microbiology scientist, Pathology NSW
  • Dr Ian Marr, Microbiology registrar (project involvement in E. Timor)
  • Dr Aileen Oon, Microbiology registrar
  • Dr Syeda Naqbi , Microbiology registrar
  • Dr Alex Humphrey, Medical registrar, John Hunter Hospital