Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby) pathology registrars – 2018 update


From left – Drs Crystall Garae (now graduated and based in Vanuatu as the first pathologist there), Julieth McLimby (final year, M. Med. Path.) ,Stephanie Kialo (M. Med. Path. junior  registrar), Priscilla Paua (part 1 M. Med. Path. ),  Keruma Lamese (M. Med. Path. junior  registrar) and  Joseph Norrie (part 1 M. Med.) (Photo – August 2016). Dr Gabriella Ak is also sitting the part 2 M.Med. Path. in 2018)


From left- Drs Gabriella Ak, Rodney Itaki, Joseph Norrie, Priscilla Paua, Laiam Kirau  (October 2015).  (Drs Itaki and Kirau have left pathology training before qualifying).


Nepal pathology residents (National Academy Medical Sciences, Bir Hospital)


Drs Lila Khattri , Shwena Thakur,  Sumida Tiwari, Dipika Basnet , and Dr Roshan Bhattarai  (October 2015).

Fiji (Suva) pathology registrars


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