Microbiology postgraduate diploma syllabus 2019

Please access the moodle site for course management this year. You will need to enrol via an email to John Ferguson ASAP (1/3/19).

Templates for your detailed notes about key pathogens and antimicrobials:



M Med Path Micro 2018 updated  :  overview of teaching modules.

N.B.  idmic.net materials relating to a particular module will be categorised by the module topic and be accessible from the menu above. e.g. Module 1

Week 1 – some materials and the SAQ for the module will be sent by email on the prior Friday afternoon.  Tutorials Wednesday 11-12 midday POM time- please be prompt for the start time!  Best to do some background  reading before the tute and try to complete the SAQ during that week.

Week 2–  journal club week – Viola will be circulating a roster soon.  Journal papers to be circulated on the Friday afternoon prior to the week. Work out who will read what in preparation for the journal club.

Please try to keep up – get on top of each module within the 2 week timeframe and make sure you complete the SAQ.  Better still share your SAQ answers or get your friend to mark yours. It’s a good way to get your head around the topic.  Please also comment / question back to John direct or as a comment on the relevant posting.

Consider running a separate session to share your knowledge concerning key pathogens and key antimicrobials for each module. T


  • Recommended background text book : Koneman or Bailey and Scott.
  • These online sites are good as well – Microcosm and Microinfo. Also search IDMIC.net!