This blog disseminates teaching materials and discusses instructive topics, journal articles,  cases  about microbiology, infectious diseases, infection control and antimicrobial stewardship.  It has been primarily designed with post-graduates in mind. It is now associated with the Pacific Region Infectious Diseases Association.

It is managed by Dr John Ferguson, a Microbiologist and Infectious Diseases Physician  based in Newcastle Australia.

You can follow postings on this blog via the twitter feed @mdjkf OR if preferred enrol your email address. When setting the email response up, you will be given the option of how frequently you would like to receive postings.

We invite your comments or questions- either post these against the blog posting or email them to mdjkf[AT]me.com. If you wish to offer a guest posting, please also email John at that address.

Links to teaching materials from various faculty staff are provided on the right (the initials differentiate the authors of these sites) after the link.

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