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Malaria diagnostics- what’s new and why is it important?

Guest posting: Dr Ian Marr, Microbiology Registrar, NSW Health Pathology.  Malaria diagnosis Marr August 2018 v2 Short questions for postgraduates:

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Dientamoeba fragilis morphological diagnosis and clinical relevance

Dientamoeba fragilis measures 9-12 uM and have 1-2 nuclei (nearly half have only 1 nucleus). Important notice from RCPA 2015 concerning the (overall lack of) significance of Dientamoeba and Blastocystis detected in stool.  [Multiplex faecal PCR assays often include these … Continue reading

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Cyclospora cayetanensis – practical morphology

Cyclospora cayetanensis oocysts are similar to Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts but are approx. twice as large. Both are acid fast and stain pink/red/burgundy with safranin . Cyclospora can be more acid-fast variable and can have a bubbly appearance and be granular. In unstained wet mounts, Cyclospora appear glassy … Continue reading

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Our resident parasitologist now provides updates on lab diagnosis

See the Helminth and Protozoan pages for more!  Hemant Sharma, Pathology North, NSW is coordinating these postings. Please share with us your materials as well! Recent presentation and reference discussed at NAMS pathology session: Intestinal protozoal infestation profile in persistent … Continue reading

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