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Top 10 Infectious Diseases papers 2020 from Prof Josh Davis

Guest posting from Josh Davis, Infectious Diseases Physician, John Hunter Hospital,  Newcastle,  NSW. Thanks Josh! He has selected the Top ID papers of 2020 Davis based on: Deal with diagnosis or Rx of infectious diseases (COVID excluded) Relevant to clinical … Continue reading

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Module 6: Central nervous system infections- case studies and references

Acute meningitides – CNS infection cases Ferguson 2017 acute Acute bacterial meningitis – new treatment guidelines for PNG – Editorial PNGMJ 2012- Chloramphenicol replaced by ceftriaxone. Acute community-acquired meningitis and encephalitis – review 2002 MJA Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (childhood) in QLD – … Continue reading

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Tuberculosis- drug resistant- online learning, mailing lists and references

Courtesy of Dr Suman Majumdar, Dr Catherine Berry and others. Therapeutics Recent presentation from our advanced trainee registrar concerning the new TB drugs: Brian_Chong 2017 New TB drugs. TB drug monographs :  up-to-date clinical profiles of TB drugs including guidance on … Continue reading

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Severe primary dengue- recent case and discussion

Guest posting from our Infectious Diseases advanced trainee, Dr Milton Micallef. ID meeting-presentation-dengue-dhf-and-dss Sept 2016 N.B. For an update on dengue viral vaccines (very promising work and at least one tetravalent vaccine in use), see WHO Dengue Vaccine Research page. Excellent … Continue reading

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Laboratory assays for diagnosis of tick-borne infections

Excellent overview by the Australian expert, Stephen Graves that is highly relevant to all countries, not just Australia. Professor Graves has been responsible for ground-breaking discoveries in this area and has much wisdom to impart. The incidence of rickettsial disease and … Continue reading

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New sepsis and septic shock definitions are an important event

These carefully wrought new definitions potentially revolutionise our approach and will provide greater diagnostic clarity for more rapid recognition and treatment. Highly relevant to all clinicians, including pathologists.  Worth a close read! Recommendations (JAMA current edition)  Editorial and several other items of … Continue reading

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Let’s stop using antibiotics for uncomplicated diverticulitis

Originally posted on AIMED – Let's talk about antibiotics:
Guest posting : Dr Daniel Isacson, local GP (ex Swedish researcher) The evidence is out and there is no proven benefit in recovery or complication rates in treating these patients with…

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Childhood pneumonia and its prevention (World pneumonia day yesterday!)

Originally posted on AIMED – Let's talk about antibiotics:
Learn about Pneumonia: Facts, Figures and What You Can Do  [link fixed]  Pneumonia Innovation Summit proceedings 2015 Preventing Pneumonia – CDC resource (USA): in the USA, pcv-13 vaccine is used initially to optimise…

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Community Acquired Pneumonia – updated HNELHD Guideline

Originally posted on AIMED – Let's talk about antibiotics:
The updated Hunter New England guideline,  Adult Community Acquired Pneumonia: Initial Investigation and Empiric Antibiotic Therapy has now been released. Community acquired pneumonia (CAP) is a common cause of hospital admission, carrying…

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Case report (from AAC): Community-Acquired Pyelonephritis in Pregnancy Caused by KPC-Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae

Abstract (full case report with expert commentary is free) Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) usually infect patients with significant comorbidities and health care exposures. We present a case of a pregnant woman who developed community-acquired pyelonephritis caused by KPC-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae. Despite … Continue reading

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