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Respiratory specimens – approach to analysis and interpretation

Guest posting: Ms Tessa Oakley, Senior Bacteriology Scientist with the Timor-Leste Fleming Fund Country Grant and PRIDA member.  This excellent lecture is from a March 2022 session during the PRIDA Scientific Officer Microbiology Diploma course. Sputum and Respiratory Oakley 2022 … Continue reading

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Video masterclass : respiratory plate reading

Guest posting: Dr Chris Ashhurst-Smith, Pathology North. Another excellent class from Chris. This was previously sitting at the end of the faeces reading video. Part 5: Respiratory culture plate reading.  Video Felix Ferguson. 18 minutes.  

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NAMS Nepal presentations 2018 (JK Ferguson)

Here are the three presentations given to National Academy of Medical Sciences, Bir Hospital Medical Residents over the week commencing 7/5/18. Thank you for attending and I hope they were useful. Please feel free to contact me via email if … Continue reading

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Nocardia and aerobic actinomycetes

Guest posting: Dr Syeda Navqi, Microbiology Registrar, Pathology North.  Group: Aerobic actinomycetes Gram positive bacteria that are usually filamentous and branched, commonly producing a fungus like mycelium that fragments into rod shaped or short coccoid form. All grow better under … Continue reading

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Invasive pneumococcal disease – the impetus for immunisation

Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Surveillance (Australia) – recent report gives you a good idea of which serotypes of pneumococcus are within the different vaccines and the recent changes to serotype-specific IPD indidence – we are seeing quite an impact that is … Continue reading

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Pertussis – diagnosis, outbreaks and incidence

Culture appearances – see the Atlas – bisected pearl appearance of the colonies on charcoal agar. Diagnostic pointers – Diagnosis of pertussis Outbreak literature – local studies – Pertussis outbreak PNG 2012, PNG medical journal 1977 report on pertussis outbreak.  Earlier report from Highlands … Continue reading

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Module 3 – Respiratory infections SAQ annotated

Remember to be systematic about the key syndromes, pathogens and antimicrobials- read/revise the relevant chapters of Bailey and Scott and make notes for later!  Respiratory infections PNG overview 2018 Describe the Gram stain appearance and how a lab identifies pneumoniae. … Continue reading

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Metapneumovirus (hMPV) – bug of the week

Human-metapneumovirus-sept-2016-path-north summary sheet. See also this local case reports of severe pneumonia due to hMPV.  Includes discussion of Hunter New England region, NSW,  Australia epidemiology and current knowledge / research in to hMPV. Note the change to taxonomy that has occurred in … Continue reading

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Childhood pneumonia and its prevention (World pneumonia day yesterday!)

Originally posted on AIMED – Let's talk about antibiotics:
Learn about Pneumonia: Facts, Figures and What You Can Do  [link fixed]  Pneumonia Innovation Summit proceedings 2015 Preventing Pneumonia – CDC resource (USA): in the USA, pcv-13 vaccine is used initially to optimise…

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