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Spirometry and case studies – recent presentations in PNG

Guest posting from Dr John D. Brannan PhD, Scientific Director , Dept Respiratory & Sleep Medicine, JOHN HUNTER HOSPITAL, NSW, Australia Spirometry theory and practice from someone who really knows! Accurate measurement the key to diagnosis and treatment- lots of … Continue reading

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Asthma and COPD- updates from Professor Wark – PNG 2020 March

Guest posting: Professor Peter Wark, University of Newcastle These presentations highlight the important issues for clinicians concerning these common conditions.  Note the limited role for antibiotics in the management of acute exacerbations of these conditions. Challenges and opportunities in Asthma … Continue reading

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Blood culture liaison process – advice by organism type- Gram negatives

Under construction (May 2020) SECOND CLINICIAN CALL: Confirmed culture identification with susceptibility available Prior to calling, check the isolate antibiogram to see that species and susceptibility are consistent with each other – see EUCAST Expert rules which provide intrinsic resistance … Continue reading

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Blood culture tutorials: May 2020 PRIDA course

Presentation 1- Dr J Ferguson,  6/5/2020: Blood cultures 2020 PRIDA Course Ferguson  ,   Recording of session (45 minutes) Presentation 2- Dr J Ferguson, 8/5/20: Blood cultures 2nd 2020 PRIDA Ferguson    Recording (also includes a journal club from Dr Sophen … Continue reading

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Positive blood culture clinician liaison process (microbiology) part 1

Originally posted on Microbiology and Infectious Diseases postgraduate teaching (PRIDA):
Stop press: Gram stain appearance and implications ver 2 2020 Ferguson Documentation! Always note down all clinician discussions in a large personal diary or preferably on the electronic pathology record for the…

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Antimicrobial stewardship – LMIC focus – PRIDA course sessions April 2020

Session 1, 22/4/20  A/Prof J Ferguson: AMR, AMS overview, Knowing your antimicrobials AMS PRIDA Course April 2020 1 Mr Joe Hessell (Pharmacist, Diagnostic Micro Development Program, Cambodia) PRIDA how to implement AMS JH (002) Recording Session 2, 24/4/20 Ferguson: … Continue reading

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COVID19 – PRIDA Course sessions: Overview, IPC, Diagnosis, Outbreak response

8/4/20 Presenters: Drs Nikki Townell  – Coronavirus overview ; John Ferguson – Infection control COVID19 Coronavirus 1 – PRIDA Townell 8Apr2020 COVID-19 IC update Ferguson 8Apr20 PRIDA Session recording (slides and audio) :- 8/4/20 Journal Club: Townell  Paper discussed: … Continue reading

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Coronovirus – realistic optimism from Chinese experience – Dr Bruce Aylward, WHO

Dr Bruce Aylward also was on an Australian webinar on 6/3/20 – recording here. 2 March 20:30 GMT — Transmission details emerge from WHO China analysisCOVID China has mounted “perhaps the most ambitious, agile and aggressive disease containment effort in … Continue reading

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Quality microbiological diagnostics and antimicrobial susceptibility testing explained

Our recent ‘Lessons from the Field’ paper is now (freely) available via the Western Pacific Surveillance and Response journal It is focused on implementation of quality testing in Pacific Island nations.  Clinicians and others may be interested in the answers … Continue reading

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Local production of alcohol hand rub for hospital use (WHO guidance)

Here is excellent straightforward WHO guidance required to set up a cost-effective production facility within an LMIC hospital. Commercial product will usually cost 5-10 times the price. Hand hygiene by staff before and after every patient interaction is one of … Continue reading

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