UPNG May revision M Med sessions – presentations and further references

2nd May 2017

  1. UPNG Infection prevention and control including TB IC Ferguson– presentation

2.  UPNG 2 AMR including Bacterial genetics Ferguson  –  presentation

These two posting from our sister blog may help with understanding antibiotic classes:

3rd and 4th May

3. UPNG 3 Antibiotic usage and practical AMS Ferguson –  presentation

Example management approach to Staphylococcus aureus BSI – n.b. 60 events at PMGH in 2016 (40% MRSA)

Potential M Med projects list relating to the national AMR plan (discuss with your supervisors) : Potential projects!

Local antimicrobial resistance studies:


  • Management of bone and joint infections due to Staphylococcus aureus. Davis-JS. Intern Med J. 2005 Dec;35 Suppl 2:S79-96.  An authoritative review.  Contact me if a copy required. 
  • Antibiotics for treating chronic bone infection in adults – Cochrane systematic review 2013:  poor quantity and quality of evidence; no evidence for IV superiority over oral. Old studies.

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  1. Saberina Silas says:

    Thank you Prof for imparting your knowledge and experience


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