Plasmodium species (malaria)

Recent CPHL malaria workshop materials – make sure you have a copy and review same.

Short answer questions to guide your further reading: 

  1. What rapid diagnostic tests are in use and what is their performance?  Check the kit inserts and share what you find please.  Also visit WHO Malaria RDT resource page.
  2. What are the PNG-specific current malaria treatment guidelines? (not necessarily what is in the old STG)
  3. What are the expected changes to be found on fbc and film examination of a patient with malaria?
  4. Describe artemisinin resistance – incidence and impact – see this WHO page.
  5. Describe current progress towards malaria vaccines – yes! there is a candidate vaccine that works to prevent malaria in children – pilot implementation project in three countries at present.

Scan Pubmed to browse recent research on malaria published by PNG projects.  Select a paper for your next journal club!

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