Leishmaniasis case report and overview

From Stark et al, case report Medical Journal of Australia 2007 : 

A: Non-healing New World cutaneous leishmaniasis ulcer on the left forearm.

B: Metacyclic Leishmania promastigotes in culture medium, Day 7.The parasites have a characteristic coiled, highly motile flagellum at the apical end of an elongated body (10–20 mm in length) containing a round nucleus and rod-shaped kinetoplast.

C: Molecular banding pattern in agarose gel after PCR analysis. The banding pattern resulting from restriction fragment length polymorphism PCR analysis was consistent with Leishmania braziliensis DNA (M: a commercial 100-base-pair molecular marker [EZ Load 100 bp molecular ruler; Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, Calif, USA]; 1: L. braziliensis control strain; 2: patient sample).

D: Healed ulcer, 4 weeks after treatment with amphotericin B.

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