Immunisation schedules and SAQ

It’s useful to know your schedules and appreciate something of the rationale for the dosing recommendations. Also be aware of key vaccines that are yet to be introduced – e.g. rotavirus, HPV.  Please work through the SAQ below.  Correct 2016 version of Immunisation schedule obtained from PNG Paediatric site, 2018.

PNG IMM 2016

In the news:

Some short questions to consider:

  1. Contrast the PNG and NHS schedules above.  What important gaps are there?
  2. Why has IPV replaced OPV in the NHS schedule?
  3. What is happening with wild type polio control across the world? Which subtype has been eradicated? Where are the remaining areas of activity for wild type polio?
  4. How does OPV revert to virulence?
  5. What are the risks of dengue vaccine? What is its efficacy in different groups?
  6. How does one estimate vaccine efficacy?


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