Laboratory diagnosis of fungal disease- selective overview

Organism Microscopy Culture and identification Non-culture methods
General Histopath PAS & silver stains etc.

K0H with Parker ink (skin scrapings/nails)

SAB (Saborauds dextrose agar) medium +/- antibiotics +/- cycloheximide

For other media, see here.

Blue thymol blue sticky tape preparation from cultures for examining hyphae and fruiting structures


Invasive fungal disease: 1-3 Beta-D-Glucan assay (serum) – broad spectrum but not incl. Cryptococcus

Candida albicans and other similar species Characteristic yeast shapes larger than bacteria; appear Gram positive Colonies with ‘feet’ (C. albicans)

Chromogenic candida agar – usually sufficient for ID. Several types.

Yeast sugar assimilation panels e.g. API , VITEK etc



C. neoformans

C. gattii

India ink preparation for capsule (CSF)

NB. capsule production media dependent

Presumptive: capsule+yeast= Cryptococcus (no other species has a capsule)

Urease positive

Bird seed agar – pigmented colonies = Cryptococcus

CGB medium- (L-Canavanine, glycine, 2 bromthymol blue agar) distinguishes C. gattii from C. neof.

Crypto antigen lateral flow assay (serum/CSF)


IF serotyping of isolates- research only

Aspergillus species Histopath – narrow septate hyphae; acute angle branching Culture appearance- pigmentation

Species ID by sticky tape preparation

Galactomannan EIA  (serum, BAL)

Serum precipitins used in ABPA Dx


Pneumocystis jirovecii(PJP) Bronchial lavage / induced sputum – IF / silver / Giemsa stains Usually a clinical diagnosis

No culturable


PCR more sensitive than IF

Histopathologic Diagnosis of Fungal Infections in the 21st Century : excellent overview- invasive fungal infections are often recognised only by histopathologists post mortem! Also this slide set :

Cryptococcal serum antigen screening for HIV positive patients– previous posting.  This ICT has excellent sensitivity and specificity for crypto antigen detection.

India ink preparation                                      Gram stain of Candida species

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