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Human Papilloma Virus – further resources

HPV organism overview summary from Dr Rob Pickles, June 2018  20180615092024. Naturally Acquired Immunity Against Human Papillomavirus (HPV): Why It Matters in the HPV Vaccine Era. Editorial, JID 2014. Possible interactions between Chlamydial infection/ other STDs and HPV carcinogenesis : Cervical Cancer Induction Enhancement … Continue reading

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Human Papilloma Virus key papers: testing strategy, impact of immunisation, women’s knowledge (PNG)

HPV and cervical cancer remain incredibly important topics for detailed study by all post graduates.  Again, these papers are available as free text via the PUBMED links provided. Field Evaluation of Xpert HPV Point-of-Care Test for Detection of Human Papillomavirus … Continue reading

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STIs in the Pacific and elsewhere: some essential research papers to review

Most of these have free text available via the PUBMED link and come from projects lead by PNGIMR and the Kirby Institute.  Remember as well to use the WHO STI Laboratory Manual as your microbiological study reference for these diseases … Continue reading

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Neisseria gonnorhoeae – testing overview

A Neisseria gonorrhoeae update from our registrar Ian Marr.  We still culture it regularly from our samples – susceptibility testing is done at a reference laboratory. PCR diagnosis from early pass urine is the mainstay for most patients (main test method … Continue reading

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Zika – more important reports to consider

The A to Z of Zika A-Z with additional recent Pacific Nation data Presentation_18022016 Eastwood Taylor  – recent update from our Population Health experts, Keith Eastwood and Kat Taylor, Feb 2016. Potential sexual transmissions and CDC (USA) interim advice just released. … Continue reading

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