Spinal tuberculosis update (Pacific Region)

A recent seminar on orthopaedic infections took place organised by the Pacific Islands Orthopaedic Association.  Here is the presentation: Zoom tutorials – Spine TB Ferguson 2020 final_cb.    References are within the presentation.   Some take home messages: 


  • High burdens of latent TB infection in Pacific Nations
  • Need for clinical vigilance for active TB, especially in those with risk factors (Age, systemic steroids, HIV, smokers, alcohol, diabetes, vitamin D deficiency (active treatment of latent TB optimal)
  • Drug resistant TB is emerging and already at a significant level in PNG

Diagnosis and confirmation

  • Direct molecular detection (sputum and other) of TB and MDR is now the standard of care
  • Special diagnostic considerations for children and those with HIV

Medical management

  • Local clinical expertise required – patient education, close monitoring and drug management (side effects, MDR)
  • Don’t neglect MDR-TB management- must embrace local detection & control
  • Emerging shortened course management regimens for MDR


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Microbiologist and Infectious Diseases Physician
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