Hepatitis E- more important issues for Pacific nations

Please see this previously posted presentation from Prof. Josh Davis about HEV– an excellent overview – tells the Australian part of the story – endemicity in pigs (genotype 3) and local foodborne outbreaks.

The only survey of seroprevalence in the Pacific was published in 2014, referencing data acquired from Kiribati, PNG and Fiji 2003-5 – essential reading.  Overall 15% seroprevalence in PNG, higher in the highlands.  It references some data showing that genotype 3 has been found in pigs in New Caledonia.

Rapid testing reference referred today by Joe is here – an Italian study – almost all cases were genotype 1 which may make the tests less reliable in PNG.  Another good paper for your journal club.

As discussed, there will be an unknown morbidity occurring in PNG, especially in pregnant women and it is almost certain that a large zoonotic reservoir exists. Ripe for some proper research and important that local testing is established. 

According to WHO, a recombinant effective vaccine to prevent hepatitis E virus infection has been developed and is licensed in China, but is not yet available elsewhere.

PNG should coloured red! 

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